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To be a premier institute that nurtures creativity amongst students and instills moral values along with quality education to enable them to take on real life challenges with confidence.


* To inculcate positivity in attitude and thought.

* To nurture creativity and problem solving skills.

* To sensitize students towards gender issues and respect for all human beings.

* To bring about awareness related to ecological enrichment and environmental factors.

* To encourage students to have the vision and courage to initiate and manage change.

* To help in recognizing the challenges of a competitive world and learn to adapt.

* To create a clean and conducive atmosphere for the promotion of education.


MR. Deena Nath Pandey(MANAGER)

April 05, 202110:38 AM

Dear Students
Greetings from Deenanath Pandey Mahavidyalaya!!
What we do is to, “
Our commitment to provide high quality health care professionals to the industry is being realized through programs designed for acquiring in-depth knowledge and enhancement of industrial exposure. I believe education needs to meet challenges and expectation of the industry and for this we are equipped with the latest of infrastructure as well as highly qualified and experienced of faculty and state-of-art laboratories, along with comfortable and secure hostel accommodation.
Deenanath Pandey Mahavidyalaya encompasses a broad range of educational courses under one umbrella. Come and visits our campus and be a part of a larger body of students.
I welcome you all the students who are interested in the various profession.
Wish you all good luck.


MR. Brijesh Kumar Singh (Principal)

April 01, 202010:38 AM

“Never stop dreaming, never stop believing, never give up, never stop trying, and never stop learning.” -----Roy T. Bennett

Pandit Deenanath Mahavidyalaya, Sirathu, Kaushambi is an institution that has always believed in excellence through holistic learning. We strive to create leaders of tomorrow by giving shape and providing direction to the aspirations and dreams of the young minds who step into this temple of learning.

Every student has a unique personality and has the potential to develop if provided with ample opportunities to discover oneself and grow to broaden their perspectives. To provide a strong conceptual foundation to the students, rigorous academic training is provided.

The college looks forward welcoming another batch of students brimming with dreams and aspirations. We promise to make your formative years here at DNPMV the most memorable phase of your life by continuing our conscious and committed efforts for excellence in all our initiatives. I am delighted to welcome you and hope to see you blossom as a selfless patriot of this great nation who continually strives to build an inclusive society.